Together we can reach New Horizons

At New Horizons Care we firmly believe that every client deserves the very best personal care

This includes the right to receive dignified palliative care of their choosing.

In recent months we have been working closely with a long-term client, fighting for their right to receive palliative care at home surrounded by the people they love. This ongoing effort began when our client was admitted to hospital due to vast deterioration. Social services attempted to suspend care whilst the patient was in hospital but failed to collaborate with the local health commissioner to reinstate services following their discharge. As a result, our client remained in hospital for seven weeks, repeatedly being deemed medically fit to leave but then acquiring further infections.

The family reached out to New Horizons Care for advice. Our management team were happy to assist, arranging multiple MDT meetings and providing the justification and evidence needed for an extension to funding. We also liaised with the ward management staff to ensure the client received the appropriate level of care no matter where they were.

We were delighted to acquire an extension of care, which meant that provision could be reinstated as soon as the client was discharged. We also gained authorisation for our client’s own support workers to provide personal support inside the hospital, encouraging nutritional and fluid intake and improving the client to be fit for discharge. Finally, we ensured that the same long-term care worker, who had been with the patient for over 10 years and knew them best, could remain in place. 

As a result, our client was eventually well enough to be discharged and returned home for palliative care. They had the dignified and peaceful death they wanted, surrounded by their family and the carers who knew them personally.

We understand that the local authority and local health commissioners face financial restrictions. However, we are delighted that we were able to support our client and their family and to obtain the additional funding needed to help them be discharged into their own home on their terms.

We believe every person has the fundamental right to choose palliative care within their home and with the people they trust.

At New Horizons Care we fight for the best care to meet all our client’s needs.

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