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Case Studies

We are proud of the work our carers do and are delighted to share some of the excellent feedback the New Horizons Care team has received from clients we have had the pleasure of working with in the past.



‘New Horizons Care is a wonderful place to work, with responsibilities such as supporting clients, it is important to have that support at every step. It is a great experience to work in a well-coordinated team, who care about clients and support staff. I am very proud to be part of NHC.’
'The care that my son has received over many years has been exemplary.
As a mother of a child with autism and learning difficulties the biggest concern of your life is will your child be cared for and looked after. The staff who work alongside my son have eased my worry as they care for him with the utmost diligence and care.
I look upon the staff as an extension of mine and Ryan's family. They have my sons best interests at heart and I am very grateful for their support .'
'Hello everyone. We all believe in good care & practice for our loved ones, this includes all the daily care our love ones receives. NHC have worked with me to get the right staff for my daughter who has high individual complex needs.I now have the best team who without a doubt are absolutely outstanding.Some carers have cared for my daughter for years.These wonderful carers eventually become part of your extended family.It takes a special individual to care for another human being especially when it’s your daughter.NHC always try to get on board the right people & now they have.
The staff team promote & protect every aspect that involves my daughter.Their honesty, transparency & integrity is 100% important. When the going gets tough we all communicate & work together to solve the problem. Finally the most important part of caring is having the passion to care for a person so you can make a difference to their life . My daughters staff team have excelled & been proficient & professional on a daily basis. Thank you to all my daughters amazing staff for making a massive difference to her life. Even when the going gets challenging at times. Your love commitment & work ethic is so much appreciated. Thank you all . Much love to my A Team xx'
Penny Nadal
To all the team at NHC - just wanted to say thank you for all the work that was involved getting Dave
home so he could pass away peacefully. It was very much appreciated. Thank you Jon for coming to
Dave’s funeral. I am so sorry that I didn’t get to say hello. Dave was so happy being looked after by NHC
throughout his life. It enabled him to stay in his home and have a good standard of life with his dogs. He
loved the garden and sitting in the sun and feeding the birds and squirrels. Thank you all.
Love D X
It is exactly what BW wanted to be in her house and you and your team have managed to respect that one last wish and we all thank you for that, the difference that you make in the community is greatly appreciated, keep up with the extraordinary work that you do.
'' I am Dhammika Pushpakumara Tlad. I have been working almost 5 years for NHC. I Think, I am one of a satisfied support workers in relation to my performance in keeping my service users safe, maintaining well-being and promoting their skills and independence living in their settings.
I am happy about the support given by the Management and the Team members. I have been provided necessary training requires to my job role. I have gained many experiences, knowledge and skills by working for NHC. I am hoping to keep up my career with NHC.''
‘Working with NHC has been easy, fun and supporting, especially the support from the management team ranging from the Monthly ROTA, support, trainings, employee’s recognition and appraisals. Working with NHC also gives you a balance to your working and personal life.
I’m glad I chose to work with the NHC, it’s one of the best decisions I've made.’
Latifat Agboola
'New Horizons have supported Ken and our family for many years to help Ken stay living independently. They are always there to help and through some challenging times they have maintained continuity of care. Our PAs from NH are the best, treat Ken with kindness and dignity and have become part of the family.'
‘Since I’ve started working at New Horizons care I’ve really enjoyed myself as I have now gained a lot of experience and I am a happier here. I’ve got good support from the office as they are very helpful and friendly. I can always turn to them for support and always get help and support.’
New Horizons care has been providing their care services to me for many years, My team are magnificent and I trust them implicitly, My carers have supported me to live as independently as possible and complete day to day tasks. My wife and I are extremely happy with the service I receive.
Can I just quickly say that it is an absolute pleasure working alongside you on M’s case. You are so caring and responsive to M’s needs and are always at the ready when the therapy team throw more demands at you. I thought M was in great form when I saw him last week and it is clear he is benefiting from having a good team around him.

I always feel I can approach you and we always manage to come up with a solution to any problem.

Thanks again, I really do appreciate it.


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